Wednesday, March 3

Sweet Success

Displaying the flags. We are honored to represent PHA and all of the supporters who have made this a success.

A view of the glaciers on the top of Kilimanjaro

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who has followed along and supported us. The words of encouragement carry us quite a long way. Our success is not just ours, but rather, it is the success of every person who quietly followed the blog, of every person and group who helped donate or raise funds, of each hospital, PHA, and corporate sponsor who dedicated resources to this adventure, and certainly, of every patient and family member who is afflicted by PH-- this success is yours.

Despite the immense undertaking inherent in this trek, despite unforeseen obstacles (e.g. my illness), and despite any pervasive thoughts of doubt, we singularly forged ahead with grit and determination. We all agreed that summit day was the hardest thing that we have ever done... and it was done for the unified cause: a path to a cure.


  1. I was so hoping there would be more posts... to know what you have done for us is "true grit".

    To the awesome trio who tripped the light fantastic toward finding a cure.... my heartfelt thanks.


  2. How great to watch your achievements in reaching the summit – but just look at the donations that keep coming in! As you return to the routine of daily life at AGH and Mayo may your brief encounter with the effects of PH press you on the ‘Path to a Cure’!

    Know that as we followed your assent up the mountain, we will eagerly follow your path of research efforts with great interest. We are looking for GOOD NEWS with GREAT HOPE.

  3. I have enjoyed following your trip and admire the three of you for doing this. But I am also grateful that you were willing to experience firsthand what we PH'ers go thru with breathing problems. You will be better doctors for this. Thank You.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you..
    For the feeling of succes!

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