Monday, November 30

A new team member

Hey! I just joined the team!

I'm a physician assistant and have specialized in PH for 10 years in Pittsburgh. This climb is a new world for me. The most adventuresome thing I've done is hike the Grand Canyon (2-day hike) about 8 years ago. I'm looking forward to this as I begin my training and researching of gear (will actually get my boots this weekend!). The coolest part of this is becoming intimately acquainted with the shortness of breath my patients experience... and raising money for PHA in the interim!

~ Jessica Lazar


  1. We are making plans for a Unity Walk at the local mall on Feb 23, 2001--a nice controlled temperature. This will not be a walk in the park for you guys. It would not be so bad if it was not so frostbiting cold. For someone with scleroderma the cold would do me in before the SOB from PH. Yikes--what an adventure. Will you be posting or sending pictures anytime while climbing?

  2. Cindy,
    We hope to be able to post while on the mountain, and are looking in to how we can do this. Cellphone coverage is spotty so will need to see if we can use a sat phone or something.
    Hope you stay warm this winter, and thanks so much for your support with the Unity Walk!

  3. Cindy, thanks for your encouragement. I lived in Alabama for 15 years, so i echo your thought about the cold. Luckily my year in Pittsburgh has "thickened my blood" a little.

  4. Jessica:) All the best - make sure your boots are well worn before you climb with them...a tip from an ex-hiker/runner with PH.

    Thanks to the 3 Musketeers for all you do!

    Will be watching your progress and living your experience thru these blogs... Thanks.

    What kind of training have you been doing?

    Cindy is right - it will be tough with weather not co-operating, low oxygen as you climb, but, you all will be up there with another banner!! I can already see the picture in my mind. You go girl!!

    - Neeta Pai

  5. Hi Everyone. Thanks for the support!

    I plan to start photo-logging some of the training so that we can post pictures along the way. As part of my training (and "wearing in" the boots), i did a 8 hour hike in the woods on Saturday on hilly, uneven terrain along with the Venture Outdoors club of Pittsburgh.
    Aside from stairclimbers and such in the gym, I am doing a mix of urban hikes (which in the "Burgh" mandates hills and stairs gallore)and trekking miles through the woods.

    Your support truly feeds the momentum... keep the posts coming. exciting!
    Jes Lazar