Thursday, December 17

You gotta move it move it move it...

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I ran four days in a row, fueled by that irresistible pumpkin pie. And then winter set in with characteristic fury here in Minnesnowta. A foot of snow and gale force winds created drifts 6 feet high. So cross country skiing took the place of running, and tonite it was off to the gym for some weight training and quad burning on a bike. In just 2 months we will start wending our way up Kilimanjaro, every step bringing to mind our patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension. Won't you consider a year end tax deductible contribution to help find the path to a cure? Quiet contemplation leads to wise decisions.



  1. Thats great! Nothing motivates me more to run than some pumpkin pie!

  2. Minesnowta!!!!!! Hahha:) So true. That Pumpkin pie looks yummy. You sure need that energy from carbs and sugar ;-)