Monday, December 21

Devils Tower

This summer my daughter Christina and I climbed Devils Tower in northeastern Wyoming (the first National Monument, made famous in Close Encounters of the Third Kind). It was a wonderful Father-Daughter experience as she made the transition from high school to college. Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills is a classic climbing handbook with a title that captures so much the feeling of freedom that comes from being on vertical rock or a mountain path. My expression of sheer joy is all about that. Why climb? Purity of effort, simplicity of purpose, freedom from distraction, and what the great Charles Houston so aptly named the "Brotherhood of the Rope". The bond between climbers can be a wonderful thing. On Kilimanjaro, Jessica, Ray and I will share a common purpose and help each other along the way, just as the members of PHA help each other in their ongoing quest to live with and ultimately conquer pulmonary arterial hypertension. Support the PHA Brotherhood!

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  1. Looking at the make the classic climbing technique look so easy! What an adventurous way to bond. Truly interesting blogs - great photos too. Thank you for the PHenomenal support.

    ps:How I wish we could have planned an indoor unity walk at the mall of americas.