Thursday, December 24

Urban Training

As you may imagine, Dr. Benza and I are extremely busy, and finding time to train is quickly surfacing as one of our more significant challenges. Integrating training into our everyday activities will hopefully give us the biggest bang for our buck. With offices on the 16th floor of Allegheny General Hospital, one way to maximize our time is quite simply...take the stairs.

(that is, except when i am in heels and a suit)

Please support me, Dr. Benza, and Dr. Frantz in this effort to increase awareness and raise money for PHA.


  1. Stairs are great for an aerobic workout. You guys are an inspiration. As a result of your efforts I have lifted daily exercise from the bottom up on the priority list which is good as a PH patient. I really like to exercise when I do it but it is getting just getting past starting. This is not a New Years resolution but my goal is a life altering change. Only started today but hey you have to start somewhere. 35 minutes on the stationary bike. Actually had a couple days of Christmas shopping that I would count as an aerobic work-out.
    Throw all the heels away or donate them. You can be in business atire without heels. Your feet will love it.

  2. You go girl... as Cindy mentioned, throw away those heels -- they only mess up your back anyway.
    I remember the days when I could do stairs, pre PH of course. I remember those days when I could a lot of things I now can not do :o) You 3 are giving us hope for a better PHuture. Thank you just does not cover it all.

  3. That is fantastic! How brilliant. I join in Merle's sentiments to express my gratitude for all that you do. All three of you are a great inspiration to me, personally. Thank you.

  4. How exciting to have such an awesome goal! Congratulations on committing to this great endeavor to raise money and awareness for PH.

    The CCU staff also has a blog and I've posted a link to your blog on ours so that all of the staff members can follow your progress.

    We'll be cheering you on!

  5. THanks to all of you for all of your supportive words... gotta tell ya that these words of encouragement go a long way when I'm debating whether or not to brave 25degrees and icy steps for 3 hours instead of a warm cozy saturday with hot chocolate!!