Sunday, January 10

Gaining Momentum

It is exhilarating, to see so many people come together for a common cause. With all the support of friends, colleagues, and patients, we are really beginning to gain momentum in this effort. Our Pittsburgh PH Support Group is hosting a Unity Walk on Jan 29. Many are donating gift baskets to raffle prior to the event. Even my son's daycare offered to have the kids make African safari artwork to decorate the Unity walk location! The daycare also is making cookbooks to sell as a fundraiser. Colleagues are having "Jeans and Purple Shirt Day" to raise money, and some are even considering an informal "Mini-Kilimanjaro contest" involving an attempt up the 18 floors at our hospital! One friend and colleague
made a Kilimanjaro Facebook acct to keep everyone participating in the events up-to-date.
Dr. Benza and I were even interviewed by a few local newspapers. Here's one article:

I am humbled by the outpouring of excitement and support. It is both staggering and inspiring--to see so many people reach out with their precious time and generous effort, to rally around the common cause of Path To A Cure. It makes my eyes leak... I am so fortunate to be witness to the inherent good being exhibited.

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  1. Jessica, this is so inspiring to read! Stephanie and the gang are also hosting a Unity walk in Maple Grove, MN. Its terrific to read all the awareness PH community is getting in your area. We ought to start something here too....