Friday, January 1

New Year Reflections

This week the full moon lit up my bedroom at 3:45 am as I restlessly lay awake contemplating the past year, Kilimanjaro and the year ahead. I looked at the moon through my little telescope and decided to see if I could take a decent picture of it. This involved finding my camera, trying to line up the lens with the telescope, getting the camera settings right and a bit of fiddling around. Ultimately I produced a decent image and went back to my musings.
It is the time of year for reflections and resolutions. I thought of the power of the individual to effect change, and about a major donation to our Kilimanjaro PHA fundraiser by the brother of a very special person with PAH. What a powerful expression of love! Sometimes when I become concerned about the overall direction of our world, all it takes is an individual act of love, kindness or generosity to remind me of the beauty and strength of the human spirit. Kindness and generosity are contagious. Remember Pass It Forward ? That is the spirit that will carry us through the next decade better than the last. Be kind. Be tolerant. Respect differences. Make a difference. Make your corner of the world a better place, with big or small everyday acts of kindness toward those around you. Blessings be upon you and those around you for the year ahead.


  1. Very well said. If I ever move back to Pittsburgh (lived there for 3 years while going to school) will you be my PH doctor?

  2. Cindy, I am in Rochester Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic. Ray and Jessica are in Pittsburgh. If you end up in our neck of the woods I would be delighted to see you!

  3. Awesome photo of the moon Doc! Thanks for sharing your inner most thoughts with us. Hey Cindi, I am one of the fortunate PH'ers blessed to have Dr. F as my specialist ;-) come on over to Rochester! As C.S.Lewis puts it so beautifully, "When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place."

    What beautiful thoughts to live by... 'Pay It Forward' is still a must see movie for everyone!

  4. ps: This was the 'new moon' - second full moon of the month.