Wednesday, January 13

Training with my son Evan, the taskmaster

As I train for this climb, more so than my last, I continue to recognize how little the general public knows about this deadly disease. This one fact continues to fuel my enthusiasm to make this endevour a success. I truly appreciate all of those who have contributed thus far to our efforts. I hope that many more of our collegues and friends, as well as all those who stumble accross this site, will open up their hearts and wallets to help us combat this disease.

Many people ask me why I climb. My answer is simply, because I can. I know I can push my body and it will respond. This is not a luxury our patients have, so I am determined to climb for them. As we ascend this incredible mountain we will bring with us the determination, fortitude and plight of the thousands of patients with PH with us. We will make sure their call is heard.

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  1. You can say that again, Dr. Menza! I miss all the good times of running on NYC sidewalks, hiking in our beautiful parks, doing what I want to, miles of distance never being an issue while feeling the natural high from having been in touch with my spirit!! God bless and keep you healthy all your life. Some days it's tough having to count one's blessings for being independent when in reality the spirit is trapped in an useless diseased body........surviving thru meds giving horrible side effects! With gratitude for spreading awareness, raising funds for a cure - which how I sincerely hope and pray will come to a culmination soon.