Friday, January 29

Unity in the 'Burgh

Today was our Pittsburgh Support Group Meeting. The Unity Walk consisted of a tour of our basic science PH Research facilities. Everyone loved to see the "laboratory side" of research.-- to meet the scientists who first develop new treatments-- to see the type of work we are supporting in this fundraiser.

Today celebrated the adventure...just see the picture above (Kilimanjaro a la cupcake).

Today, we raised over $3000 for Path to a Cure, which translates to 6K with the match. Woo-hoo!

Many hospital staff generously created extravagant gift baskets and donated them to our Path To a Cure Gift Basket Raffle. People volunteered to staff the Raffle table, selling tickets all week. The Support Group drew the winners today. I am humbled by the benevolence and enthusiasum of my friends and colleagues.

Here's a crazy group of loony-tunes

The Support Group had many questions about the climb. I also got a few critical suggestions that I plan to use on the mountain. One gentleman's wife with PH recently passed. He is donating her miniature (lightweight) pulse ox to our cause--so that at the summit we can document the severity of our oxygen desaturation (we anticipate our O2 sats to be in the low 80s, and heart rates to be 120-140). There was enough generosity and inspiration in that room to move a mountain... or at least, to climb one.

My 2 year-old son and his friends at daycare made these adorable African safari artwork for the Unity Walk! (the lion's mane are paper cutouts of all their little hands!)


  1. Jessica, your presentation at the Support Group Meeting left me in awe of what you and the doctors will be doing. How you mentioned a typical day would be an 8 hour climb -- 2 steps up and one step down and a side step :o) And on the last day -- during the dead of night, it would be a 15 hour climb. Just amazing. I won't give away any more details as I'm sure you will post more.

    The tour of the PH research department was also amazing. We learned so much and received a heads up on some new research. Also some of the "parts" that can be used.

    And the picture from you son's daycare..."they done good"

    You thanked me for taking charge of our Unity Walk -- I thank you for charging!!!... I also want to thank the rest of the PH staff at AGH for all they did to make our meeting day a huge success.

    Merle ~ Co-Support Group Leader

    P.S. don't forget that poncho :o)