Friday, February 19

Kilimanjaro arrival


Update from the K team! We are about to head to sleep (midnite here), in anticipation of hitting the trail in the morning. Thanks to all of you for your support as we walk together on our Path to a Cure. We are energized, invigorated, and not yet acting silly from the altitude. Well, maybe Jessy is a little silly. We are hoping to be able to blog from the mountain, so keep us in mind!

Bob, Ray and Jessy (The Three Musketeers?)


  1. Hello 3 Musketeers! Great goin' - you guys look great - good shot Greenery in the back-ground is beautiful -hope to see something on the video soon. All the best!

  2. It is 9:13 EST. I bet you are climbing at this time. Thanks so much for what you do. It really means a lot.

  3. Mayo 6 is cheering for you all! Good luck Dr.Frantz and team!!

  4. Hi Dr. Frantz. I'm really proud of being your patient. This demonstrate the passion that you have for your job and your patients. May God bless you all, and hope you have the experience of a lifetime.