Monday, February 22

"Live from the Mountain!"

As the members of the self-described "K Team" make their trek up Kilimanjaro, PHA will be occasionally making posts on their behalf along the way!

Drs. Benza and Frantz, and Jessica are checking in from the mountain each day via satellite phone - sharing with the PH community their thoughts, experiences, humor, challenges and all-around determination. Here are some of their most recent messages:

 A message from Jessica and Dr. Frantz - Feb. 20

A message from Dr. Benza - Feb. 20

Finally, take a moment to check out the following video, documenting the personal journeys of PHA’s Path to a Cure climbers. Hear why these dedicated medical professionals are scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro, and share the clip with your local press & friends!


  1. Dr. Frantz, better check Jessy's stats....she sure sounds silly ;-) Wowzers!!!! 11,000 ft. already? You are doing great! Keep up the good work. 88% - Hope your stats stay steady and you all continue to feel good until you reach the summit. Sending our good thoughts your way.

  2. I just listened to your updates from yesterday. Sounds like all is going well. I'm excited for you guys and pray that the climb continues to go well! Thanks for doing what you are doing, it's inspiring to think of the effort that you have already put into doing the climb. Thinking of you and thankful for you!

  3. I just get too choked up about all this -- you are doing the ultimate so others will know how devastating this disease can be -- it is the OTHER hypertension.

    Thank You.


  4. The heart failure team is cheering for you guys here....
    Keep going....