Thursday, February 25

T-minus a few hours...

Today Dr. Benza, Jessica and Dr. Frantz arrived safely to camp 5, from which they will attempt to summit Kilimanjaro. The K Team's final ascent begins in just a few short hours (it will be midnight in Tanzania) - and each member of the team is anxious and excited to get started! Hear more from them now and wish them luck in the comments section!


  1. WooHoooo! Awesome...can't wait to hear your voices from the summit. K team, Keep on keeping on!!

  2. Totally excited for you!!!! You all sound healthy.... be careful and enjoy every step of the summit! We are following you from CCU!

  3. It doesn't seem possible but the summit is well in hand. Actually, you are almost there if I have my time right.
    Looking forward to Sunday when you will back at base camp.
    Be safe, travel well -- and positive thoughts going your way.


  4. All looks good! Waiting for the word that you've summited. Hope all is well with everyone. Be safe :)

    Janell and Lauren

    P.S. Hippos, elephants, rhinos, lions, and antelopes OH MY!

  5. All that is gold does not glitter; not all those that wander are lost.

    God speed

  6. We can't wait to hear about the final wishes on your way back down.

    Wasn't the motto of your grade school (Brimhall School) "Climbing Ever Higher"?

    Don and Barbara