Tuesday, February 23

True Determination

Each day without fail, Drs. Benza and Frantz and Jessica dial in from Mount Kilimanjaro with status updates to share with the entire PH community. On Monday, the K Team experienced otherworldly topography and amazing views. They're now facing those expected challenges as well: lowered oxygen saturation levels, increased heart rates, and altitude sickness. But they still press on, fully expecting and determined to reach Kilimanjaro's summit. Hear more about Day 3 of the climb (Feb. 22) from Drs. Benza and Frantz (and feel free to leave some encouragement if you feel led!).


  1. I'm checking in every day to hear and read how things are going. Thinking about you and thankful for what you're doing. I've been a PH patient for 9 years now. I've been doing really well for these 9 years and part of that is due to people like you who raise awareness (I was diagnosed early) and who raise finances so that advances in treatment can be made! I am deeply grateful!

  2. Keep up that effort and focus on the goal, Dr.s Benza and Frantz! Sweet Jessica, we missed your voice today...feel better quick - here's sending you positive thoughts and prayers. Just one little baby step at a time - you can do it. Once again, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and all that you do for us.

  3. btw: Does the K team have oxygen with you? Once the sats fall further, will you be using O2?