Wednesday, February 24

The View from Karanga Camp

Jes, Dr. Benza and Dr. Frantz each check in from Karanga Camp after a long and challenging day of climbing. All are "doing quite well," particularly Jes, who has recovered from being ill for the last several days. Spectacular views from their camp abound. Our Kilimanjaro climbers are ready for their summit attempt, which kicks off late tomorrow night. Hear more directly from the K Team themselves, and wish them luck - and a good night's rest!
A message from Jessica and Dr. Benza - Feb. 24
(Due to poor satellite reception, Dr. Benza's last few words are cut off at the message's end.)

A message from Dr. Frantz - Feb. 24


  1. Yay! Welcome back to your norm Jessica! So happy for you. Glad you guys are all doing as well as you can at 15,000 ft. on Kili. Please do use oxygen if necessary without trying to brave it and endangering your health. This is an order just like you tell us!!! Take are all extremely important to PH community. Thanks for all that you do.. We continue to send good, positive thoughts, prayers and extra energy your way. No matter what, do try and get food in your body and take care! Dr. Frantz, get rid of that headache by drinking lots of water...oooh! This is fun reversing roles even if it is for 10 seconds!

  2. Sounds like a great day--congratulations! Good luck these next couple of days. I hope you have time in your schedule for an additional acclimatization day in case it's needed.

  3. I just spoke with the climbers... Jessica is back to feeling better said the two doctors took very good care of her. They are about ready to go to bed as it is 6:30 p.m. their time (10:30 a.m. eastern). At 11 p.m. they will wake up -- have something lite to eat and then climb to the summit... remember the sunlight; they have to climb during the night.
    I asked Dr. Benza if they were above the treeline now and he said they are looking DOWN on the clouds!!!
    Unfortunately, we were cut off but I was reconnected... so to make sure they got all our well wishes, I told them how every one was rooting for them from afar -- how those positive thoughts and prayers are going their way and Dr. Benza said they will do their best to reach the summit -- it is the highest any of them have every climbed and more of a challenge. They appreciate all our well wishes.
    The connection was cracking again and I know they are tired so I felt a 15 minute conversation was the best we could do right now. They will call again on Sunday when they reach base camp.

  4. Here's the link to an article in our local newspaper, the Postbulletin. I am so sorry to read about the discomforts, nose bleeds, etc. our climbers have to endure. My heart goes out to them....I have never had a physician more understanding than a PAH specialist in my entire life. My NYC doc, Roxana ( who insists we call her by her first name, which was so difficult for me with my Asian upbringing of respect to authority); the only doctor who gave me both home phone number and cell phone number to make sure she is accessible in case of an emergency,during those soon after diagnosis in final stage days. No wonder her practice has grown to over a thousand patients now despite the rareness of this disease, with her being the only doctor in Beth Israel PH center!!

    I am very grateful to Dr. Frantz for his dedication, special fondness for his patients, devotion to finding a cure, doing his best to eliminate our discomfort, going above and beyond to treat us! Walking the extra mile - constantly figuring out 'What would work to keep this particular patient alive a bit longer!' etc. I absolutely do not think this feat is necessary to prove anything to us patients, who know our physicians' compassion and caring nature already. Thank you for all you do!

  5. So glad to hear that Jessica is feeling better today! Sounds like you all are working hard. We continue to pray for you and route for you! I trust you are being careful to take good care of yourselves as you climb. I look forward to hearing how the next couple of days go, and look forward to seeing pictures! Thanks again for your dedication! You are amazing and have really inspired so many!