Friday, February 26

Summit Success!

We are thrilled to report that the K Team (Dr. Benza, Dr. Frantz, and Jessica) reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro earlier today, and are descending the mountain as we make this post!

Each Friday morning, the PHA staff gathers for our weekly staff meeting. Today we had an incredible opportunity to have the climbers call in to our meeting as they make their descent. Dr. Benza took a moment to describe his mountaintop experience:

"It was simply astounding being on the top of that mountain...and today it was hard to breathe with each step... We were stressed. It's exactly what our patients it really gave us even much more of an appreciation for what our patients have to suffer every day of their lives. And that really, really endeared us to them that much more."  

So on behalf of the climbers, thank you for the ways you have maximized this unique opportunity to impact PH awareness and support for research and patient-serving programs! Listen to the full "Summit Day" audio interview with the climbers below (interview is in two parts).

Summit Day Interview Part One - featuring Dr. Benza.

Summit Day Interview Part Two - featuring Jessica.

There will be plenty of pictures for the K Team to share upon their return to the States, so stay tuned to this blog!


  1. Congratulations K-Team! WoooHoooo!!!!Can't wait to see the photos and more viusals and hear all about it...hope you guys will go around to the PH Support groups and talk for the benefit of all those patients can't make it to the conference.

    btw: Where is my Doc? Why has'nt our talkative Dr. Frantz has NOT spoken? Hope he is feeling OK from all the nose bleeds and other symptoms?

    Get home safe K-team......

  2. WOW !!
    You truely are amazing doctors !
    Congratulations and Thank you for your outstanding entusiasm and work to help people with PAH. We lost our youngest child in IPAH. He only lived to be two years old.. Help is much needed for children to come, so "uncureable and deathly" no longer is the only answer to this condition !
    We wish you a safe journey back home and all the best in your proffessions. Keep up the good spirit !! Warm greetings from a family in Sweden.

  3. WHOO HOO... Such an awesome feat. I can hear the joy yet strain in your voices... reminds me of me when I do too much... (Rino, you asked all the right questions)

    I sent the links to several phriends and one responded saying she has trouble bending over tieing her shoe and you're climbing a mountain!!! She is in awe as are so many in this phamily. Thanks does not cover what you have accomplished.

    Let me know when you are back in the "Burgh" and we'll have a ticker tape or something at AGH.


  4. Wooooohooo! I just listened to the most recent phone call where you talked about reaching the summit! Fantastic! You all worked so hard and have been so diligent! What an awesome encouragement you have been! I'm so excited for you, what an amazing accomplishment! Thank you again for doing this climb on behalf of the entire PH community! You rock! Can't wait to see pictures!

  5. Congratulations! what a wonderful accomplishment!

  6. We prayed for your safety and success on the climb. Now that you have accomplished the summit we will pray God speed on your research for a 'Path to a Cure'. You met your goal to help finance research, the summit and public awareness for PH. I pray that each of you will live long enough to see the fruit of your labor and see PH patients and families live normal and long lives!
    Many thanks!