Monday, February 15

The PreKili Period

Last minute preparations, a touch of obsessive compulsive packing, final runs to the local REI, trying like heck during all hours of the night to make the satellite equipment work so we can blog from the mountain, wrapping up projects at work, and cherishing these final hours with my family--this is my present existence. In 36 hours I'll be checking in international, triple checking that I didn't forget my passport. Then, 26 hours after that, we will be in Tanzania, in awe of the culture, the landscape, the stark differences in daily living. In tandem to our amazement, we will find ourselves mentally preparing--and getting psyched up-- for our impending adventure of lifetime.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us, cheered us on.... even those who have placed bets on which of us will or will not make it to the top...... ;-) We thank you all. I deem the past few months in time as the "PreKili Period," and your support has helped us to be successful thus far. Our next adventure (I playfully coin as the Kiliman Period) will challenge our physical and mental fortitude. When we need to reach deep down, your enthusiasm, support, and hope will remind us of our purpose on this trek.


  1. You are so ready for this momentous climb. I sometimes wish I could be with you -- and then I think on that a bit more. :o)

    I wish all of you a safe and successful trip.

  2. You are all ready and will all succeed in reaching the summit! Thanks for all the photos..will be looking forward to many more beautiful scenic views. Hope someone has a video camera......